LED Benefits

Most power companies nationwide offer impressive rebates for converting to LED lamps.
Rebate amounts vary from Power Company to Power Company.

You can write off 100% of the entire capital expenditure in the first year when the
reduction of watt consumption meets federal stimulus requirements.

Our LED T8 Tubes:

  • Have a 5 year warranty.
  • Only produce 10% heat so the cost of A/C is noticeably reduced.
  • Significantly reduce maintenance cost resulting from replacing
    failed ballast and lamps.
  • Do not change the color of textiles and food.
  • Turn on instantly. They do not need to warm up.
  • Do not discolor, flicker or buzz over time.
  • Are shock and vibration resistant.
  • Our tubes do not contain toxic mercury gases.
  • Do not produce UV-Rays.
  • Do not produce a magnetic field.
  • Are made of durable extruded aluminum and are shatterproof,
    unlike fluorescent lamps.
  • Are recyclable. There is no environmental cost to dispose of our
    tubes at end-of-life as with fluorescent lamps.

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